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Metal Finishing Options We Offer at Eastern Plating, LLC

Finishes Offered at Eastern Plating LLC

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Zinc: Zinc finish provides excellent ductility and adhesion. It is also perfect to combat corrosion of various metal substrates, some of which is due to its excellent chromate conversion coating receptivity. We offer both acid and alkaline zinc finishes on a total of 3 plating lines in both rack and barrel applications. Thick film, trivalent passivation, and robust topcoats are provided. Colored chromates and their respective sealants are available upon request.

Zinc-Nickel: This alloy offers enhanced corrosion protection (about four times) over conventional zinc plating. This finish is rapidly expanding in the automotive industry due to the superior corrosion protection afforded by this finish. We have this finish available in both acid and alkaline processes, in rack and barrel applications. We currently have 3 lines in production with an additional line in construction. Our processes provide the latest technologies of 12-16% Nickel alloy, thick film, trivalent passivates and robust topcoat post-treatment options.

Nickel and Nickel/Chrome finishes are ideal for the appliance, fastener, electrical, furniture, and automotive industries. Finish options include bright, satin, and duplex nickel. We also offer Copper/Nickel/Chrome for your zinc diecast substrates, and barrel tri-chrome for the fastener industry and small parts. We have 5 rack and barrel lines to support these finishes.


Electroless Nickel can be applied to many different substrates including copper, steel, brass, and aluminum alloys. Due to the auto-catalytic nature of the process, E-Nickel finishes have far greater thickness uniformity over electrolytic finishes. We Offer a mid-phosphorous finish in either rack or barrel process.

Silver has the highest electrical conductivity when compared to all other metals. Combined with its excellent corrosion resistance and solderability,  Silver is the perfect finish for the electrical component industry and other niche markets. We have 2 silver plating lines that support both rack and barrel finishes.

Copper finishes offer a variety of benefits due to its malleability, conductivity, corrosion resistance, and lubricity characteristics. Due to its compatibility with other plating and coating processes, Copper is often used as part of a dual system. We have 3 lines that provide Copper finishes over various substrates including steel and zinc die-cast.

Tin finishes have the advantage when it comes to high hardness and adhesion, good ductility, excellent lubricity, and tough resistance to wear, corrosion, and temperature. Tin plating is the solution to formicary corrosion in copper. We specialize in supplying a protective tin coating that has been proven to eliminate this type of corrosion from copper tubing. Tin is commonly used in the electrical component, refrigeration, and fastener industries. We offer both bright and dull Tin finishes on a total of 2 plating lines in both rack and barrel applications.

Value-Added Services

  • Advanced Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Direct Ship
  • 3rd Party Logistical Coordination
  • Assembly 

Additional Finishes/Finishing Services

  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief
  • Zinc Passivation 
  • Aluminum Washing
  • Vibratory Deburr 
  • Polishing/Buffing 
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