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Why Choose Us?

Chrome Wrench
  • 100% on Time Delivery Record

  • On-site Tooling Fabrication

  • Commitment To
    Environmental Responsibilities

  • Advanced Analytical Control

  • Multi-generational Technical Expertise

The Difference is How You Finish

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

For over 30 years Eastern Plating has shown our customers and our community that being environmentally responsible is a top priority. Through transparency, joint efforts, and collaboration with state, local, and federal officials we have achieved a level compliance that is unmatched. Year in and out we focus on:

  • Focused on minimizing discharge; Eastern consistently discharges less than 10% of our allowable limits. Waste is recycle not landfilled

  • Complying with local, state, and federal regulations

  • Continuous improvement of our waste management system

Eastern Plating has received numerous awards from our local POTW for our efforts to keep our environment clean and healthy over the past 36 years. We continue to lead the charge in environmental responsibility.

Quality and Advanced Analytics

Our plating quality and customer responsiveness are the biggest reasons for our success. All of this is possible due to our constant alignment with our customers on their quality expectations, our highly advanced and semi-automated analytical lab, elite process control initiatives using advanced software and a proactive approach, and last but not least, our experienced team of quality and technical engineers who are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations every day.

We offer APQP, PPAP, and many other quality processes.

Some of our analytical processes include:

Analytical Control
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

  • Spectrophotometry

  • Automated & Manual Titration

  • VA and CVS analysis

  • Ductility

  • Hull Cell

  • Neutral Salt Spray

  • Surface Tension

  • X-ray Thickness Testing

We are growing!

New plating lines added since 2017 - Automatic Zinc Nickel Rack & Barrel Line, Manual Silver Rack Line, Automatic Copper Nickel Chrome Line, Automatic Copper Line

We design and build our own plating racks. Now offering in house Tooling Capabilities 

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