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Advanced Analytics

We’ve stayed in front of the technical advancements over the past four decades AND kept our focus on our customers.  


At Eastern, all chemistries are maintained and adjusted automatically using chemical tracking software that alerts key personnel to critical measurement levels in real-time.



Our robust Quality Management System assures control of all the processes and procedures that go into the finished product. Eastern Plating is always working to improve our quality and ensure that our customers receive the best possible, plated parts.


Tooling Fabrication

Our rack manufacturing department allows us to rapidly design and build all tooling on-site. This guarantees the maintenance of plating racks, so you get consistently high-quality plated parts.


Our skilled Maintenance Engineering Team builds, automates, and maintains all of our plating lines so downtime is extremely rare -to non-existent. That’s one of the reasons we’ve never failed to meet a deadline.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is of paramount importance at Eastern. We’ve been a multi-year recipient of environmental stewardship awards for our commitment. Our discharge rate is less than 9% of permitted limits and all F006 waste is recycled. 

Through transparency, joint efforts, and collaboration with state, local, and federal officials we have achieved a level of compliance that is unmatched and have received numerous awards from our local POTW for our efforts to keep our environment clean and healthy over the past 36 years. 


CAGE Code 8NV03  |  ISO 9001:2015

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